About Us


About the Head Trainer

My name is Matthew Forwood and I have a passion for sport and fitness.

This passion goes all the way back to when I was just six and started playing League for my local footy club. Since then it has continued to grow, as I pursued a professional career with the Penrith Panthers (until 2007) and more recently, began competing in CrossFit competitions.

Exercise and training have become second nature to me so turning to a career in Personal Training was an easy decision. It allows me to extend what I do in my own time to a full time job and to use my passion to motivate and encourage others. Since becoming a trainer in 2009 I have worked with (and learnt so much from) companies such as Vision PT and Virgin Active health clubs!

I continue to learn every day now as a Father of young baby boy, mixing family life with work and my own training. It keeps me grounded and gives me a real perspective for all parents out there training whilst juggling family time.

Train with me

And you will discover that training can be simple and rewarding!

I have a straightforward approach to training that involves setting small attainable goals each week, all the time working towards an ultimate goal you set at the beginning of our training partnership.

As we train, I will also aim to equip you with knowledge and skills to improve your overall lifestyle through personally tailored programs which might include a focus on strength, weight loss, endurance, functionality and fun (for both individuals and groups). I offer small group training, bootcamps and personal training in either an outdoor or indoor environment.

My Qualifications

I have worked as a PT since 2009. In that time I have gained quality experience in many areas, including:
  • Running – having run a marathon and several half marathons myself I have successfully guided clients through tailored running programs to reach their goals.
  • Resistance training – drawing on 15 years’ in personal weight training I have worked alongside clients to help them identify and reach their goals.
  • Weight loss – I’ve successfully helped numerous clients with strategic and realistic plans that account for a balanced exercise and eating regime.
  • Boxing – a certified boxing instructor, boxing brings variety to a workout program and provides stress relief.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – I have learnt numerous techniques to help prevent injuries and help improve your posture.
  • CrossFit training – I have been training CrossFit for the last four and a half years, and have witnessed first-hand the many benefits it can have on your lifestyle. With the right guidance and safe technique advice, CrossFit can go a long way to helping you achieve your goals.