Weekly Home Workout 21.3.16

Weekly Home Workout A: Rep scheme of 15-12-9 for each exercise Burpees, walking lunges & bench dips 200m run before you start a new set of reps B: Chipper of – 100 mountain climbers 80 squats 60 push-ups 40 sit-ups 20 Burpee step ups C: 3 Rounds of 1min on each exercise – 10m Bear crawl […]

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Updated Outdoor Class Schedule

As of the start of 2016 here is the current outdoor class schedule for Basic Training Fitness: Monday – 6.15am, 5.30pm & 6.15pm Tuesday – 9.30am Wednesday – 6.15am (boxing), 5.30pm & 6.15pm Thursday – No classes Friday – 6.15am, 9.30am & 5.45pm Saturday – 7.30am Sunday – No classes All the outdoor classes are […]

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