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How We Help

At Basic Training we believe we have a program for everyone. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or someone just starting out we can cater to you.

How Basic Training can help you in personal training sessions & small group classes:

Want to lose Weight?

Weight Loss is all about healthy habits, we focus on implementing habits that are going to stay with you long beyond your time with us. YOYO diets are not our priority, we want you to feel good as well as look good.

Our training sessions allow you to work out next to those that have been there before so you can ask for advice from any of our friendly clients.

Hardest worker in the family?

We understand your time is limited; therefore our programs are designed in a way to get you the maximum amount of results in the smallest amount of time.

Our sessions are friendly and social. By starting one of our programs, you will have the opportunity to train with clients of similar interests and physical goals, in a team oriented environment.

Our trainers, are well educated in nutrition, which is the key link between your current self and your goal weight.

Are you stressed and overworked?

Our programs are designed in a way that our clients get maximum physical response in a short amount of time. Our sessions run for a total of 45 minutes, just enough time for you to get ready and duck to work or drop in on your way home.

Most of all our programs are designed to allow the client to leave all the major stresses of life behind, and focus on something productive to their physical health, for example decreasing stress improving flexibility, reducing body fat percentage, increasing strength etc.

Looking for that fitness edge?

Our training programs are designed to improve your body’s functional strength level. We believe at Basic Training that the attributes required for sporting excellence can be trained in a manner that’s more efficient. This means less time spent in the gym and more time practicing your sport specific skills.

Training for sport is about quality over quantity, you will be tested through movements that have carry over to power, speed, endurance and co-ordination.